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If you are turned down for a home loan, or perhaps you are new to the area, not sure what areas you & your family would love to live in?  Or perhaps you need a little more time to save a down payment, or maybe you have less than perfect credit? I’m so excited to tell you about a fantastic lease to own program that may be the perfect fit.

LEASE TO OWN: Home Partners of America

Home Partners is allowing renters a different path to home ownership. Through this program a household can select any home listed that fits the basic requirements of the program . Home Partners buys the home that you pick and rents it to you for a minimum of 1 year, with the option to renew your lease for up to 5 years. You also have the option to buy the home from them at any time throughout your lease. You are NOT obligated to buy at anytime but are given first priority to purchase it within 5 years. The only up front investment is your security deposit (equal to two months rent) just as you would have to pay on any other home rental. Below are basic requirements to be approved for the program:

-Minimum annual household income of $50,000

-Stable employment

-NO history of eviction in the last 5 years (or) NO pending Bankruptcy

-2 months rent available for your security deposit (this money can come to you in any form IE: gift from friend or family member, savings account etc.)

You can browse active houses on the market now, one of which might be your forever home! Look at houses here!

If it seems as though you are a qualified applicant you can submit a full application using the link below, with a $75 application fee per family. All adults 18+ will need to be on the application. After you submit all required info, your application will be processed with 1-3 business days. Once you are approved, your approval is good for up to 90 days.

Once you are approved for the program, you & I work closely together to get you into the perfect house in the best location for your family.

If you feel this may be a good fit for you, you can complete a full application:  FULL APPLICATION HERE 

I am really excited about this opportunity to get renters into a home of their own, and I would be more than happy to explain this program to you in greater detail.

Please call me with any questions, remember I’m here to help 678-926-9811

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