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Are you renting in Georgia currently? Have goals of home ownership??

Don’t let minor issues hold you back from fulfilling your dream of home ownership NOW! Have you been turned down for a home loan?? Maybe you are new to the area, not sure what areas you & your family would love to live in?  Or perhaps you need a little more time to save a down payment, or maybe you have less than perfect credit? I’m so excited to tell you about a fantastic program that may be the perfect fit.

TRIO Lease to Own:

Trio is allowing renters a different path to home ownership. Through this program a household can select any home on the market (within the map guidelines & basic criteria – 10 years or newer or recently renovated). You are given the opportunity rent it until you are ready to purchase it, anytime from year 0-5. You also can opt out of purchasing if you choose. It’s an excellent option for renters! Why paint rent to a landlord when you can put it toward your OWN home.

Basic requirements:

-580 credit score or higher

-Total monthly household income of ATLEAST $3600

-NO history of eviction (or) NO pending Bankruptcy (closed BK, Foreclosure & short sale OK)

-2 months rental income available

To see if you might qualify for this program you can read more info HERE

To apply for the TRIO program  CLICK HERE

It is FREE to apply!! Please list myself, Lori Rogers PalmerHouse Properties as your real estate agent on all your applications. I am a TRIO preferred agent, and certified lease to own specialist. Using me as your agent, will save you $400 in fees. Once you are approved, your approval is good for up to 90 days. Once you are approved for the program, you & I work closely together to get you into the perfect house in the best location for your family.

To see TRIO’s payment & home price estimator, click HERE

I am really excited about this opportunity to get renters into a home of their own, and I would be more than happy to explain this program to you in greater detail. Please call me with any questions, remember I’m here to help 678-926-9811

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